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The SpaceKraft Story

About Us

SpaceKraft Limited is a manufacturing company focused on the design & manufacturing of high quality doors for the Ghanaian market. With special emphasis on design aesthetics, high quality and timely delivery, SpaceKraft seeks to penetrate and provide a credible alternative in the residential and commercial door industry in Ghana with the eventual aim of becoming the preferred brand for all local projects. The company employs the use of a lean management structure with key focus on efficiency, customer delight and sustainability.

SpaceKraft Vision

To become Africa’s biggest door brand.

SpaceKraft Mission

To attract the best talent, technology and materials to produce high quality products, maintain relationships and build a truly great African brand.

SpaceKraft Values & Sustainability

  • Before time delivery: At SpaceKraft, we understand the value of time and implications of delayed projects. As such we adhere to the strict principle of under promising and over performing by planning ahead of time, anticipating challenges and ensuring projects are completed and delivered before time.
  • Quality: For us quality is everything. We are firm believers of the quote “The pain of poor quality stays longer than the thrill of cheap price”. To this end, we pay close attention to details and we do not compromise on the quality of materials, personnel nor process.

  • Consistent Innovation: change is the way by which we grow and at SpaceKraft we believe in the positive influence of pushing the limits, disrupting the status quo and constantly innovating. Our ethos is built on a desire to do better and as such we are constantly finding ways to improve on every aspect.

  •  Respect: In a world of varying beliefs and interests, we believe that one sure way of being successful and living cooperatively is by respecting the different values, belief systems and opinions of others and by daily practicing tolerance of each other.

  • Teamwork: At SpaceKraft we believe that without each other we can achieve very little and as such strongly subscribe to the “together we can go far” principle. To this end, we work day in day out to improve the team atmosphere, resolve conflicts, encourage and reward collaborative efforts. We truly believe in the biblical principle of being your brother’s keeper for that is the only way we can change the world.
  •  Inspire: For why do we exist? But to be extremely successful at what we do, showing the way, giving back and inspiring the next generation that it is possible to solve Africa’s problem with African solutions.



CONTACT US: +233 (0) 26 881 8105